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CleanBags/M - empties and disinfects hospital bags safely

Handling, emptying, disinfecting and disposing of urine, dialysis and drainage bags are no longer a problem with CleanBags/M.

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CleanBags/M - Reduces disposal costs by up to 95%

CleanBags/M turns hospital bags from special waste to urban waste and saves on disposal costs.

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CleanBags/M - eliminates the risk for contamination of the hospital personnel

CleanBags/M cleans and disinfects the bags eliminating any potential risk for the health of operators.

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Why we are the best

Similar systems exist on the market, but these are characterised of being expensive and inefficient.

  • Certified and guaranteed Italian technology
  • Low installation and operating costs
  • No risk for operators
  • Reduction in waste disposal costs
  • Ease of use and maintenance

Main features

CleanBags/M is a revolutionary system for the management of the urine bags, dialysis bags and for drainage bags in general, which makes more efficient health care facilities, it allows reducing the structural costs and ensures a working environment free of risks for the operators, in line with Directive 2000/54/EC.

Competitive investment cost

There are other machines on the market performing a similar operation like the one done by CleanBags/M.
However, these are characterised by very expensive prices and / or by working inefficiently. This is due to the fact that they do not take account of the problems associated with the entire treatment process.
CleanBags is the only device that combines convenience and efficiency, allowing low installation costs and a high saving in terms of processing time and operating costs. CleanBags/M more importantly keeps the environment extremely safe and drastically reduces risks to hospital personnel.

Reduction of waste disposal costs by up to 95%

Hospital bags are usually emptied manually by operators, or are disposed of as hazardous waste. In both cases hospitals are facing high costs in terms of economy and efficiency: in addition to the risk for infection of the hospital staff, a manual emptying of the urine bags requires time which is taken away from more important activities of assistance to the patient, while the costs for disposing the empty bags is up to 1.50 euro / bag, due to the fact that these need to be treated as special waste. With CleanBags/M the bag is emptied quickly in 10-15 seconds and the cost for each bag is reduced to 0.10 euro / bag (meaning the cost of the disinfectant). Approximately 4,000 uses will pay for the cost of the machine.

Zero risk for contamination of the hospital personnel

hospital personnel does not need to empty the bags using blades or other rudimentary systems, with CleanBags/M it just need to place the bags within the housing and perform a safe mechanical process. By doing that, any contacts with the liquid contained in the bags are totally avoided. Opening, rinsing, disinfecting and unloading take place in a protected system and the bags, once emptied, rinsed and disinfected, are no longer special waste, but assimilated to the urban waste.

High resistance and reliability

CleanBags/M is a system making use of a 100% Italian patent, it is produced entirely in Italy with the highest quality 316 stainless steels which are not affected by the contact with the most aggressive liquids. The product is certified, guaranteed and meets the safety requirements of the European standards.
The dimensions are reduced in order to place CleanBags/M in small environments, provided with water connection and sewerage. CleanBags/M does not get the setting dirty and does not release hazardous waste.

No energy consumption and ease of use

Clean Bags/M uses simple mechanical and physical principles, without the need of electronics nor electrical components.
The way the hospital bags are processed is essentially manual and the user does not find any operational difficulties. The specially designed bottle of disinfectant allow its 100% usage. The absence of electric and electronic components determines high reliability, low maintenance and no energy consumption. The device will be delivered with a detailed user and maintenance manual to facilitate all operations during the entire life cycle.

Quick assistance

CleanBags/M is a high quality device that requires little maintenance. In case of failure, a fast assistance is guaranteed, thanks to our team of skilled technicians. The supply of disinfectant, which is essential for the proper functioning of the device, is made available swiftly, thanks to an extensive distribution and sales network.

How it works

CleanBags/M has a simple way of operation and it is essentially manual. It takes advantage of simple physical-mechanical principles and does not use any electric/electronic components.

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Loading the bag

The operator opens the door, place the bag into the provided housing after arranging any hose around the same bag, closes the door and turns the hand wheel counter-clockwise to its end.

Ease of use

CleanBags/M does not require specific skills to be operated. The process is essentially manual and does not require interaction with complicated interfaces or sophisticated electric/electronic components.

No risk for operators

Once the bag is inside the CleanBags/M it is secured in a protected area and not accessible by the operator.

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Cutting the bag

CleanBags/M comes into action and cuts the bag by draining the liquid contained through an internal system of patented blades. The liquids are collected and driven along the drainage system. Any contact is avoided between the operator and processed liquids.

Patented system

CleanBags/M is a 100% Italian patent that combines efficiency and creativity. Unlike other similar equipment CleanBags/M goes deeper than just performing an external disinfection (as the case of machine that just punches the bag), but it dismember the bag wide for a greater accessibility and a stronger internal disinfecting operation.

Cleaning and disinfection

Thanks to the innovative opening mechanism of the urine bags it is possible to achieve a better washing and disinfecting action of the bags, eliminating the risks for contamination.

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Rinsing and disinfection

once the content is emptied from the bag, a jet of water and disinfectant removes any residuals, contaminating agents or potentially pathogenic microorganisms, harmful to the environment, operators and patients. The wastewater is collected and conveyed along the drainage system. The operation still takes place in an area not accessible to the operator.

No residuals or contaminants

unlike what happens with other machines, CleanBags/M washes the bag inside and under running water addicted with disinfectant to remove any residuals or contaminants.

Low runninf cost

Disposing a hospital bag as special waste costs at least 1,50 euro / bag. CleanBags/M, by disinfecting the bag with an operation that costs only 0.10 euro / bags, transforms it into an urban waste.

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Unloading the bag

At this point the bag is rinsed and disinfected. What remains is a waste similar to an urban waste, so the operator, by turning the handle clockwise, can let it drop it into the container.

Speed of execution

The process, from loading to unloading, takes from 10 to 15 seconds. This determines an increase in the efficiency of the hospital operator.

Decreased disposal costs

The bag, once washed and disinfected, is no longer a special waste, it is waste similar to a less expensive urban waste.

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